Leveraging the Pivot.City Network of Trusts

  • Fitness/Feedback → Dialogue → Engagement
  • Omni-Channel Feedback (JAX Beta)
  • Encrypted dialogue takes place on the blockchain network to advance the Innovator’s Journey.
  • Acceleration activities are converted to encrypted records to share with multiple providers.


Roles Registry* FormID1* FormID2** 
Innovator Trigger Submits Form Submits Form


Email Notification Quality Reviews Channel Workflow
Provider Channel Workflow Channel Workflow Channel Workflow
Innovator Email Notification Email Notification Email Notification
  • Note: Automated trusts increase speed & efficiency for the innovator and enable collaboration & a shared registry for providers. (All feedback is returned with 24-72 hours)
  • Note*: Validated Provider Consortia function.

Pivot.City Walkthrough for Validated Provider Training

  • Prework: Verify your provider participates in a Pivot.City Network of Trusts then select DAO-4 Stack profile link: [Link]


Innovator Fitness Feedback:

1. Determine eligibility (Skip this step if you are enrolled in a current program). This step places you in a searchable registry for all subsequent FormIDs. Must be in registry to receive timely feedback. [Registry Link]
2. [FormID1 Link]: Complete and submit to confirm Provider Assignment and receive password for FormID2.
3. Receive PDF with FormID2 passcode.
4. [FormID2 Link]: Select Validated Provider Service, complete form, and submit individual data for feedback from Validated Provider (You may complete this step multiple times by changing service request).
5. Upon submission based on response you will be forwarded to the Trello Board, Pivot.City Blockchain Network, or The InJ Academy.
6. Once feedback has been provided by the Validated Provider you will receive a PDF of your submission and their comments.